Shop News December 2018

We cannot believe that this will be the last time we will be writing in the shop news, but what great news we have for you all, if you haven’t already heard. We are so pleased to announce that Beryl and Andy Hindes are the new owners and that they take over as we close up for Christmas on December the 20th. Just about everything will remain exactly the same as before with the promise of a new website for when they open the doors on January 4th. We couldn’t have wished for a nicer couple to hand over what has been Verona’s “baby” for the last 23 years. We wish them both years of happiness and prosperity and know that if they receive the same loyalty and love that we have felt, they cannot fail in their new venture. We will be on hand to introduce Beryl to the many Reps we deal with on a daily basis and fill any gaps she feels need filling! We are very blessed too that Beryl has very similar work ethics as ourselves and believes very much in the wellbeing of underprivileged children and has also agreed to take on and receive clothes for the Syrian appeal (Samara’s aid) that we have been collecting for. With this in mind we are collecting yet again Clothes, shoes, bedding in good clean condition for both winter and summer wear. The cut off date for the next shipment is January 25th 2019. Please call the shop first to let them know of your intended delivery so that they in turn can alert us to collect from the shop! If it would be simpler for you (and us!) then please leave it in the back of our church, St. Mary Magdelene in Pulham Market (behind the Crown Pub) Sat Nav IP21 4TA. Thank you in anticipation for your response and bless you for all you have donated in the past.

St Joseph’s Orphanage continues safely thankfully amidst their terrorism problems too along the Thai border. We are delighted to say that the sale of shop samples day raised nearly £1100 which was fantastic, thank you so much to all those who attended or merely donated, as they couldn’t attend. All this and previous monies collected will be sent off before Christmas.

The shop has continued to flourish with great sales of Christmas fabrics and newly arrived stories of fabrics from Moda, Makower, Clothworks, and Lewis and Irene’s glow in the dark range. A great favourite too for a Christmas gift has been the Purelite rechargeable craft lamps that Lynne Edwards has kindly promoted for us. If you haven’t got one stick it on your wish list now!

All that remains now for us is to thank all so much for your love, support and loyalty over the years at Sew and So’s, but we know we’ve left it in very safe capable hands.

God Bless you all and have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.