Shop News – December 2015

Christmas is only days away and here we are just getting our workshop programme out for 2015. Rob has been attending procrastination classes and has finally mastered the art, coupled with the fact that we have been awaiting confirmation from some tutors. Sincere apologies for its tardiness anyway but hope you like the workshops we have arranged and that they were worth waiting for. Judging by previous bookings please don’t leave it till after Christmas to reserve a space as some workshops will fill up in a matter of minutes once this reaches the website (yes really!) You can view the schedule the workshops, weekly classes and events on our website.

Those of you that visit the shop regularly will know that Polly has just retired from working with us so that she can enjoy her time with her grandchildren who are growing up fast. We’re sure we speak on behalf of all who know her to say thanks for that cheery smile that always greeted you and the way in which you were served. We’ll miss you Polly but fully understand your reasons for retirement and thankfully we will be able to keep in touch as you insist on keeping your space on the sewing class (we told you it was addictive!)

We’ve recently returned from holiday in Thailand where we were able to forward on another £2000 to the orphanage. Unfortunately we are still unable to visit because of the ongoing violence in the South. Whilst we were there two school teachers were shot and killed bringing the total to 179 in the last three years. What a sad situation, so it’s thanks to your support that we can do our little bit for the 55 children of St Joseph’s. We also took 4 Kilo of sweets (lollipops etc.) with us and posted them on as the children very rarely get a treat of any sort, so it was lovely to get a picture of the Children with their arms held aloft clutching lollipops! Small things can mean so much!

All that remains now is to wish you a most Blessed Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year. We look forward to seeing you in 2015.

God Bless

Verona and Rob