Moda Collections for a Cause - Mill Book - Quilting Fabric

Moda – Collections for a Cause: Mill Book Series 1835 by Howard Marcus
As an avid collector of antique quilts and textiles, Howard Marcus uses his passion to give back to various charities by donating proceeds of the sales of his Collections for a Cause quilting fabrics. The latest installation of this program is Collections for a Cause: The Mill Book Series, Cira 1835. This group compiles reproduction prints from a French mill book dating back to 1835. This book, one of many in his library, features hundreds of antique swatches documenting prints of the time. Authentic in color in and scale, this beautiful new collection showcases the fine, delicate print quality of the period. Proceeds from The Mill Book Series will benefit the American Quilt Study Group to assist with educational programs, offer more scholarship opportunities, and enhance the abilities of the AQSG to have a more prominent impact in the quilt world.

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