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JanetClare Artisan Apron Pattern

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New version of Artisan Apron, with 3 new larger sizes, fabric cutting diagrams and some new photos!

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The pattern sheet included is graded with seven sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL

Note, the curved and cross-over shape of the back pieces allow the apron to expand and flare out, meaning each size in the pattern covers a range of dress sizes. It is really tricky to be definitive about this, but we have created an approximate sizing guide which is shown on the pictures for this listing for your reference.

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When I had two small (ish) boys and worked from home in a little studio just off the kitchen, most days I found myself getting distracted by all the chores and housework and not really getting much work done. After much thinking I realised that if I had a work uniform I would feel and look like I was at work. So I designed and made my Artisan Apron and it is so lovely and pale and clean and embroidered and special that I don't clean the house or brush the dog instead of working because I don't want to spoil my pinny!

As time has gone on I've added embroidered sayings and motto's such as 'she believed she could and so she did' and badges and bits of lace and buttons and now when I put on my apron in the morning I feel creative and inspired and ready for work. And when I take it off I feel 'off duty' and that is a simply marvellous feeling for a full time Mummy who happens to work at home.

My Artisan Apron is inspired by a vintage pinny and has curved seams, pockets and a cross-over back. The curved and cross-over shape of the back pieces allow the apron to expand and flare out to allow for a wider variety of sizes to wear it. It is comfortable to wear and not that tricky to make either.

The pattern is sent to you in a plastic sleeve for safe keeping and includes:

# A full size paper pattern printed on A0 paper. Seven apron sizes are marked: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL and 4XL. Just cut out your desired size - an approximate sizing guide is also shown on the pictures attached to this listing for your reference. I am modelling the small size in the photographs.

# A full colour A4 leaflet with detailed instructions and photos with lots of ideas to inspire you to embellish and decorate your apron.

The pattern is suitable for linen and cotton fabrics.

I used a linen to make the main body as it drapes so beautifully, and a contrasting cotton/linen blend lining.

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